Get Waisted is secure wrap-around wallet for 21st century travelers. 

On-the-go individuals deserve more options than bulky fanny-packs. Get Waisted is a secure money belt style wallet, an Unfanny - Fanny Pack, that fits snugly around the hips so you know exactly where your valuables are at all times when you travel.  Manufactured from strong yet breathable spandex fabric, Get Waisted is thin and sleek, allowing it to sit inconspicuously under clothing.  This waist pack is big enough to hold all your valuables --passport, phone, keys, money-- and features a smartphone outlet for headphone access so you can listen to your music whether you're commuting to work or exploring the globe. 




1) Wrap unzipped GW around the thinnest part of your waist, just under the chest area, connecting the zipper directly in front of you. Zip entirely.

2) Shift the GW to the left around the torso, so that the zipper is positioned in the middle of your left side.

3) Pull the GW down to the hip area. Be sure that the back pocket is centered just above your tushy.

 *Keep in mind that GW is intended to fit around the hip area (not waist or belly). Get Waisted is intended to fit tightly to prevent the belt from falling off or riding up while being active and when you fill the pockets.