Get Waisted is the smart choice for busy pEOPLE who still want to be stylish. 

Busy parents need an accessory that can keep up with their active lifestyles. Get Waisted offers an unfanny-fanny pack alternative that frees your hands and holds onto your personal items so you can focus on everything else in your life. The fabric is sleek and stylish, so you don't have to sacrifice fashion for functionality.

After many months of testing for wash-ability, endurance, and comfort, the perfect Get Waisted fabric formula was developed. Made from an ultra-comfortable Poly/Spandex blend, the Get Waisted fabric consists of the perfect weight. The fabric stretches to fit your body, hugs in all the right places and bounces back after washing. You can wear your Get Waisted over and over and it won't lose its shape and won't fade after wearing or washing!

Speaking of washing………Get Waisted is easy to care for and keep looking new! Machine or hand wash your Get Waisted in cold water. Tumble dry low or cool-air settings, or hang to dry. Please do not bleach. Fabric is naturally quick dry so you won't have to wait long before wearing again and it can handle everything you do.